2019 Ordinances

Cities operate daily mostly through ordinances. An ordinance is an official and permanent action of Edgewood’s City Council that may be punishable by civil or criminal penalty if violated. The City Clerk must maintain all ordinances in a minute book. They are also indexed or codified in a code of ordinances (arranged into a systematic collection). The City of Edgewood codifies their ordinances at the end of each calendar year.

The link to access our codified ordinances is City of Edgewood Codified Ordinances.

Please Note: Ordinances are not official until they have been passed by council and have been published by law in the Kentucky Enquirer.

Ordinances that have had their second reading, have been voted on by Council, and have been submitted for publication in the Enquirer:

Ordinance 2019-08-09 Ad Valorem Tax for FY ending 06.30.20

Ordinance 2019-08-10 Cincinnati Bell Franchise

Ordinance 2019-08-11 MCImetro.Verizon Franchise

Ordinance 2019-08-12 Duke Energy Franchise

You can view or print these recently passed ordinances listed below. These ordinances are in effect, but have not yet been codified.

Ordinances 2019-01-01 – Adopting a Supplement to the Code of Ordinances

 Ordinance 2019-01-02 – Closing a portion of a right of way on Dudley Road

Ordinance 2019.05.05 – Wired Telecommunications

Ordinance 2019.05.06 – Duke Franchise

Ordinance 2019.05.07 – Budget FY 19.20

Ordinance 2019-07-08 – Residental Short Term Rentals

“The City of Edgewood is committed to Financial Transparency”

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