Lateral Entry Police Officer

The City of Edgewood is accepting applications for Lateral Entry Police Officers.  Applicants must be a current Kentucky POPS certified officer, a retired Kentucky POPS certified officer who is eligible to be rehired under contract, or a certified officer from another state whose certification can transfer to Kentucky through KLEC.   Base entry level salary is $49,806, a competitive benefits package, plus KLEFPF incentive after required training is completed and.   Lateral entry salary and benefits can vary depending on experience and contract eligibility.

Applications may be obtained at the Edgewood City Building, 385 Dudley Road, Edgewood, Kentucky from 0800-1800 hours weekdays (excluding holidays) or click here. The application period is ongoing, and applications will be accepted until any vacancies have been filled.  The City of Edgewood is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Lateral Police Officer Letter