The City has an ordinance that prohibits all motor vehicles from parking on any street in the City during a Snow Emergency.  A Snow Emergency may be declared by the Mayor anytime driving conditions are deemed hazardous.  It is automatically in effect when there is a snowfall of two or more inches. We notify radio and television stations of declared Snow Emergencies, but they do not always broadcast the notice.  These notices are not required and you may receive a citation without prior notification.  Also, your car may be towed if it creates a hazard on your street.  Snow Emergencies are put into effect for your safety as well as the City’s.   It allows the Public Works Department to plow and salt the thoroughfares without the additional hazard of parked vehicles.  If it is snowing, or if snow is predicted, please remove your car(s) from the street. Let’s all work together to keep our streets clear and safe for everyone. 

During a snow emergency no person shall cause or permit any motor vehicle to be located on the pavement or right-of-way for the duration of said emergency.  Any Police Officer in the State of Kentucky has authority to remove obstructing vehicles from the roadway, and file a lien against said vehicle for the removal costs.