From the Desk of Kenton County Clerk – Gabrielle Summe:



More on How to Vote- Election Poster

Based on the regulations set forth by the Governor, the Secretary of State and the Stare Board of Elections, voters can vote by mail, there is three weeks of early voting and then Election Day.  To implement each phase of this plan, we will have to reserve a large amount of our e-scan machines which means there won’t be enough equipment to have every precinct open on Election Day.     Currently there are 105 precincts in 50 locations and for the General Election we will still have 105 precincts but they will be in 23 locations.  Most voters will be going to the same polling locations but some precincts will need to be moved.  For example, Bromley will be sharing space with the Ludlow precincts.   Please see the attached chart Election Day Polling Sites.

The locations will not have individual precinct tables but will have a clerk station, a spoiled ballot/ provisional ballot station, the voting equipment area and a poll worker to direct traffic per CDC guidelines and clean the faculty throughout the day. This flow worked well in the primary at the NKY Convention Center.

This 2020 General Ballot will likely be on the front and back since the following races are on the ballot including two constitutional amendments. 

U.S. President

U.S. Senator

U.S. Representative to Congress

State Senators

State Representatives

Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisors

Mayor, City of Covington

All City Councils and Commissioners

School Boards Members:

            Kenton County School Board Division 1, Division 2 & Division 5

            Beachwood Independent

            Covington Independent

            Erlanger-Elsmere Independent

            Unexpired term for Erlanger-Elsmere Independent

            Ludlow Independent

            Unexpired term for Ludlow Independent

Considering this is a Presidential Election along with the amount of races on the ballot, the length of the two constitutional amendments and the projected turnout there will be long lines at every facility.  As of September 1, 2020, there is over 138,000 voters in Kenton County and the projected turnout is 80% so that means approximately 110,000 votes will be cast.  Since the portal to request ballots was opened on August 24, 2020 there is already 7,288 requests for absentee ballots.  

Ballots will not be not be mailed until after September 15, 2020 since Presidential candidates have until September 4, 2020 to file for the November 3, 2020 ballot.  Monday, September 7th is a holiday, so the Secretary of State will certify all the candidates on September 8, 2020.  Once the certification is complete, ballots can be ordered.



Gabrielle Summe

Kenton County Clerk