2023 Ordinances

Cities operate daily mostly through ordinances. An ordinance is an official and permanent action of Edgewood’s City Council that may be punishable by civil or criminal penalty if violated. The City Clerk must maintain all ordinances in a minute book. They are also indexed or codified in a code of ordinances (arranged into a systematic collection). The City of Edgewood codifies their ordinances at the end of each calendar year.  If you are having trouble downloading the below ordinances please call 859-331-5910.

The link to access our codified ordinances is City of Edgewood Codified Ordinances.

Please Note: Ordinances are not official until they have been passed by council and have been published by law at LINK NKY.

2023 Ordinances that have had their second reading, have been passed by Council, and have been submitted for publication online with LINK NKY:

Ordinance 2023.12.12 Budget Amendment FY 23.24

 2023 Ordinances have been published and are in effect, but have not yet been codified:

Ordinance 2023.01.01 Repealing Ord 1998-12-11 Council Committees

Ordinance 2023.02.02 Amending and Revising Ord 1994.24 Board of Ethics

Ordinance 2023.03.03 Annual Codification

Ordinance 2023.05.04 Solid Waste Fee 2023-2029

Ordinance 2023.06.05 Budget 2023.2024

Ordinance 2023.07.06 Spectrum Franchise Agreement

Ordinance 2023.07.07 Repeal Ord 1980-23 relating to the Budget

Ordinance 2023.08.08 – Property Tax Rate 23.24

Ordinance 2023.09.09 Amending Ord 1994-14 Location of Garbage Cans

Ordinance 2023.09.10 Renaming Dudley Road and Terabet Court

Ordinance 2023.10.11 Transferring 2525 Legends Way to Crestview Hills